Public Speaking in three steps


There are always three Speeches, for every one you actually gave, for one that you practiced and you gave and the one you wish you gave.
Public speaking is an art, Mastering it needs a lot a lot of practice. The best is to be fearless and speak from your heart.

The three D’s of Public speaking are Define, Design, and Deliver

1. Define

Defining or analyzing your audience is the first and most important task of all. Questions like the audience’s background, demographics, age and what do they already know, what would they be expecting, how can you help them etc will help you construct your speech.
Upon analyzing your audience and focus area, one must decide the desired outcome, what is the intention or the result of the speech. whether it’s going to be a information, factual report or a motivational speech and what will be the outcome of the speech.

2. Design

The design is another important aspect/step before you are actually ready to go out and talk in front of your audience. The most essential part is the Introduction, it can make or break your relationship with the audience further.
You may ask a question or narrate a story or a powerful Quotation to stat with to grab the attention, another way is to start with a flow or use humor or by setting the context straight away. but deciding this in prior is important and helps.
Apart from the Intro, one must work on the body of the speech. There are a few strategies of working on designing the body of a speech. for example. SPIN – Situation, Problem, Implication and Need-Payoff/action ( understanding each step in detail and putting them down in detail helps. BARS – Background, Action, result, Strategy, This is another approach to work on a body of the speech.
One more step before we close is deciding how to close the speech, how to summarize, give away the important points, take them back to the intro and come a full circle. tell them a call to action, what is that you want the audience to do after you finish, instruct them on their next steps and wallah Thank them with all your heart. Express your gratefulness.

3. Deliver

The third and the extremely important step is to deliver, while the preparation takes a lot of time ( Defining and designing) delivery has more % in terms of making it impactful ( Verbal and non- verbal % Grid). It’s our body language, voice, tone, pitch and actions that create the magic, and this can be built with a lot of practice.

So go ahead plan out and hit the stage Fearlessly. Be a Fire!!!!