Know your Personality


DMIT( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), also widely known as Brain Mapping, It is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns and brain lobes to understand your Strength and weakness.

DMIT Test reveals the unique inborn potential and personality of any and every individual which are formed in the mother’s womb as the fingerprints are formed then along with the growth of the brain.

When the fetus is in the mother’s womb, the living area of the fetus’ brain is developed. From 0-3 years old, the emotional area develops rapidly. Between 4-8 years old, the thought function/area develops. Whereas, between 9-      16  years old the mental/spiritual part gradually matures. Hence, after 17 years, “want” and “do not want”become the brain’s main model of operation.


Children are the future and Understanding them is not a ball game. A lot of times efforts and money goes in vain by parents pushing their children in the wrong direction (unaware of the options available), in the pursuit of irrelevant courses and classes. With the help of our report parents can nurture the natural talents and can work constructively towards the child’s future improving his/her natural abilities.

  • Helps In understanding your child and improves relation.
  • Identify his/her best learning style and inborn talent.
  • Customize your child’s learning program and Direction.
  • Gives opportunity to invest money happily for the child’s best career.
  • Helps In understanding your child and improves relation.


Any individual who is looking to understand self and figure out the reasons for his/her personal and professional dissatisfaction. DMI test will help you to understand the personality you possess by birth, help you discover your talents that you may or may not be aware of. DMIT will provide you with a lot of clarity about self and the inborn talents that you may want to sharpen or pursue in pursuit of happiness.

  • Understand self
  • Make a career choice with the identified strengths and learning style.
  • Identify your EQ, IQ, AQ and CQ.
  • Allows you to take action confidently.


DMIT is one of the very strong tools to be used by the Human resource department in multiple stages of employment in an organization.

  • While screening for a key role.
  • While restructuring the organization.
  • Evaluate management level talents.

DMIT will reveal all the qualities that the individual posses before he/she answers.