Episode 5
Sloppy success is better than delayed success

Hi Folks,

This is my Zero Episode, a little about me and the birth of Tutalage.we will have talks, Stories,Interviews and lot more . Releasing my first episode on 25th Sep.Listen out and subscribe

Episode 1

Tutalage: Never Stop learning

Episode 2

Tutalage: Just Do It!!!

Episode 3

Why become Albert Einstein when you can become Messi

Bijay Gautam

Founder and Host of self-help podcast The Inspiring Talk where Bijay interview’s today’s most successful and Inspiring personalities every Monday and share insights to help listeners get a step closer to their dreams every Thursday!

As a Podcast Coach and Consultant, He helps people and Organisations to take their message to the world using the powerful medium of Podcasting. He helps in Launching Podcasts through his coaching and consulting services.

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