What is a career?

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Career , Making a career decision is an on-going lifelong process. The choices we make reflect our personality and help us in realizing basic life values. These choices not only lead to professional and personal growth but makes a major impact on our personal life as well.

Career can also be termed as a profession taken for a long period of one’s life. From an occupational point of view, these include the total number of jobs one takes during his lifetime.

In broader terms, a career can be defined as employment that showcases our educational, social, economic, political and spiritual skills and reflects our personality characteristics and basic life values.

There are many types of career avenues which includes-

we tend to try out various jobs, before settling on the one we like. Sometimes, these undecided phases last for years. They might start with the banking sector but then can switch to designing, tech or other industries for job satisfaction.

Increase in positions related to one another where we continue to work in the same field for many years, then with time we  gain experience and knowledge as well as higher remuneration.

Having a successful work-life balance is difficult but achievable. How can we have a successful career and strive towards contributing to society?

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